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Our key priority at Trendy 16 is to offer you complete shopping satisfaction. We want to ensure that every transaction you make with us ends up in a happy relation. However, if because of some unavoidable and unforeseen reasons, you end up being unhappy with the product, you can choose to return the product making sure that we reach a mutual consent and resolve the issue.

We strive hard to ensure that you would never have to use the return policy and you will be satisfied with the products. However, just in case you need it, here are the details that will come in handy. If you have ordered an item from and it is not as per your expectations, make sure to write to us and we will be happy to help.

While our focus is to offer the best products, we do understand that at some times, we may end up making a mistake and this is why we seek to remedy the trouble. We make it a point to take the right measures to ensure that all products are delivered in the best condition, but at times there can be a remote chance that :

Damaged / Defective or Wrong Item Received:

If you find yourself facing any of the above problems, that is, if you receive a damaged product or one which has a manufacturing defect and even a wrong item, you must contact us via email within 24-48 hours from the time you receive the product. You must save all the packing materials which were delivered along with the item.

When you contact us, we will give further instruction on how you need to proceed further. Here are the steps which will be followed.

-A picture of the damaged part has to be sent via e-mail on for assurance, with your Order number and Product SKU.

-Our team reviews it within 24-48 hours and offers you a solution as any one of the following

A) Replace defective good immediately with no extra shipping cost to you.
B) If the original ordered item is no longer possible then we will request for Credit note to choose an alternate item and express ship the same to you with no extra shipping cost.
C) If you do not want any alternate item then we will refund full amount instantly...

Complaints or dissatisfaction pertaining to size and style (stitched items)

We believe that customers would understand that even when they opt for custom tailoring, there needs to be multiple sessions of alteration as desired fit may not be obtained in the first go itself.

When you make mistake while submitting measurements.
    • Even if the error is at your end, we will still do alterations for you. We are one of the rare companies that offer the facility of free alteration to our customers. In some cases, if we do not have the original fabric any longer with us, we may use matching alternate fabric. Customers will have to bear both way shipping charges and in some rare cases, the cost of replacement fabric as well.
    • However, it is to be added that we are not obligated to accept returns or provide exchange and replacements in such cases. The store has full discretion to not accept returns in such cases.

For errors occurring because of us
    • We will request the customer to ship back the item to us in India for alterations at own cost, once we receive, we will analyze/cross check. If we find the item is not as per the measurements provided by you, we will alter it or send you the new item with no extra cost to customer.
    • The shipping cost can be refunded back on your credit card or you can take a credit note which can be used for purchase in future.

How to get a better fit?
    • If you have no provision to opt for local alterations or even if you have no access to anyone who can help you with any kind of alteration, we would suggest you to opt for safer measurement which will reduce the chances of any error :-
    • You can buy unstitched designs from us and then get them tailored via your stylist.
    • Ideally, you should try and opt for standard sizes as shown in our size chart to avoid risks.
    • Send us the garment that best fits you.

Product being not liked:
    • Returns would not be accepted for Custom made / stitched clothing, including readymade stitched Sarees or Sarees stitched with custom blouse, Jewels.
    • If there is no customization, we accept return at your cost i.e. shipping charges has to be borne by you. Once the product is received by us you will be refunded full money or you can ask for Credit note which can be used on any future purchase.

Item availability failure

When you have ordered multiple items and if the delivery of a few items is not possible, then the customers will be requested to select an alternate item or we issue a store credit to customer account for future purchase. If no possible alternate selection is found by the customer, then they will be offered a refund promptly as against the non-delivered goods along with the shipping charges.

Be cautious when accepting parcels from couriers

If you spot that the outer packaging is tampered or damaged when the courier service delivers the shipment, you should verify it thoroughly before accepting the package. If you sense any discrepancy, make sure to refuse the delivery or you can add a remark as a proof that you received it in tampered condition. Also, you should lodge a complaint with the local office of the courier agency so that we can pursue them for clarifications and details.

Color and Description Disclaimer:

The product attributes like the specifications and even colour are approximated values. While we strive to ensure that we will accurately reproduce the colours and other attributes as mentioned, there can be slight variation in it because of the nature of the fabric dyes. Hence, there may be slight changes because of colour settings and digital photography too. While placing an order, customers should keep this aspect in mind.

Trendy 16 tries its best to replicate the same colours as you see on our site, but there is likely to have some variation at least. Almost every fabric will look a little different when photographed as they reflect different shades under varying light, weather and camera angles. This is why we have the following guidelines to help customers be sure of what they are opting for.

Trendy 16 tries its best to replicate the same colours as you see on our site, but there is likely to have some variation at least. Almost every fabric will look a little different when photographed as they reflect different shades under varying light, weather and camera angles. This is why we have the following guidelines to help customers be sure of what they are opting for.

    1.  Colours like red, maroon and orange tend to reflect a little different. Mostly if you photograph yourself wearing red apparel, it is likely to appear a little orange and maroon when reflect in computer light.
    2. The sea green colour can bear a resemblance to aqua blue and vice versa.
    3. Sometimes, blue and green shades tend to overlap. Same is the case with cream and shades of white.
    4. Fabrics like raw silk, south cotton, cotton silk, brocade and even khadi silk tend to have a textured effect. This is why the weaving and threads can be easily visible on the cloth and they should not be viewed as defects.
    5. The hand printed, hand embroidered, hand crafted and even hand dyed products will always have a few differences as compared to machine made products. Every piece will be unique and handcraft artisans always try to improve with every successive piece. So, there will be slight variation with the different copies of the same product style. Do not compare these products with machine finished products.

Helpful Guidelines on Returns
  • Do NOT send back an item until you receive a reply from us. Consult with us and when we ask you to return it back, only then you should proceed with it or else you will not receive any credit or replacement.
  • You should be very specific about the problems and we examine all returned products for defects and even variation.
  • Make sure to return the item using a registered airmail or a courier.
  • The return should be done within 7 days once we offer you a confirmation. Make sure to send it with the original packaging and in the original condition. Include a copy of the invoice which you had received.
  • Make sure to mark the item as defective returns and not for sale. Declare a low nominal value for the produces.